Beer Review: Young’s Double Chocolate Stout

Young’s Double Chocolate Stout

Take a look at that head...

5.2% ABV
SRM: ~32

The first thing I noticed is the very nice head this beer poured…almost three fingers of creamy tan. I let it sit for a bit and the head hung around like a loser at a party…awhile without much change or movement. As I drank the beer, the head left very good lacing throughout the glass.

Looking at the beer, it looked dark brown but appeared to be fully opaque, giving me the impression that it’s actually black.

The aroma was somewhat disappointing. I noticed a bit of dark chocolate aroma mixed with a bit of coffee/nutty scents. I could definitely sense some of the roasted qualities of the malt but overall, the chocolate aroma is much less than what I expected it to be.

As for mouth feel, I would say full bodied, thick mouth feel. Many consider stouts to be naturally thick, full bodied beers. As a category, that’s not the case which tempered my expectations a bit here. However, with the chocolate additions, and most likely some lactose for sweetness, the mouth feel here was right on with what I expected, solid overall.

The flavor had some bitterness but it is actually similar to the bitterness of a 70-80% cocoa bar rather than any hop flavor..which was obviously good considering the name. Though it had some bitterness, this is definitely a sweet stout. I noticed the roasted malts (primarily chocolate malt which tastes more roasted than actual chocolate). I did get some dark chocolate flavor, but less than anticipated, similar to the aroma. This a solid beer that leaned on the sweet side of the scale. Though I’d consider it a sweet stout, the aftertaste had some nice bitterness but not at all harsh or disappointing. I was pleased to notice very little stout like coffee flavors which I’m not yet into quite yet.. The carbonation was right on for the style. One thing I could tell is that as the beer goes down, the chocolate aroma increases quite a bit which is definitely a plus.

It has great balance, solid flavor, a thick (but nice) mouthfeel, and an acceptable aroma. Even with all of that, I couldn’t imagine drinking more than a couple of these on any given night…though not a bad thing.

Overall: 8/10 (B+)
Solid beer…though less chocolate aroma and flavor than I expected from the raves of my sister and friends. There’s a chance that the high expectations may have hindered my overall grade somewhat.


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