Beer Review: My American Wheat

My American Wheat
srm: hazy 4

Head poured about 1 finger of white
Little retention

Aroma is a little grapefruit with a citrus base that is reminiscent of lemon

Rather light mouthfeel

Low on carbonation but not low enough to hinder drinkability

A good mix of balance for a light wheat beer.

Overall, I got what I was hoping for…a light wheat beer with a nice light appearance to convert BMC drinkers at my upcoming ribfest. For my tastes, it’s too light, but should be a hit with light beer drinkers.

6.5/10 for my tastes as an American wheat due to the lightness and lack of strong flavors. 10/10 for what i was trying to accomplish with this brew. Considering I am rating a beer that has been bottle fermenting for 4 days, this beer should only get better as it picks up more carbonation. I’m pleased with the results.


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