Big Sky Brewing IPA

This is how I take notes on my iPhone when reviewing a beer…

Mediocre, which I guess I is better than a usual M.Night Shyamalan movie...

Big Sky Brewing Co IPA

6.2% ABV
Srm: 8.5-9?

Poured a nice 2 finger head with good retention…a light cream color

There’s a nice hop aroma, definitely not overpowering but has the hop smell I enjoy. I enjoy an even more robust aroma, but this will do. The aroma smells a mix of grapefruit and maybe pine.

This brew has a nice hop flavor with the malt backbone to support the amount of bitterness. The aftertaste has a harsh bitterness.

Clarity is ok…with a light caramel look.

Lacing is solid

As I drink, the maltyness is accenuated in the aroma.

Overall: 6/10 (C-C+)

The review may read better than the overall rating but this beer screams average in every category. Nothing was an eye opener and it wasn’t something that I’d drink more than 1 or 2 of at any given point. Not a bad beer…there’s just many that are better.


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